West Point Should Be Straight-Up EMBARRASSED By This Cadet’s Katy Perry Army-Navy Spirit Spot

The Army-Navy Game is one of my favorite traditions in all of sports. The spirit spots, the smack-talk, the traditions…. Everything about it is perfect, every single year. Just the other night I was re-watching A Game of Honor on Showtime. If you haven’t watched it, I can’t recommend it enough before next week’s game. The heart and soul that the The Cadets and Midshipmen put into this one game is unrivaled by almost anything in college sports, including that of NCAA playoff-bound D-1 programs. Nothing but respect for those who attend a military service academy for college. Your call of duty to serve after graduating college makes you a bigger Bro than anyone getting drafted for big bucks into the NFL.

…That said, a video from a West Point cadet that’s been making the rounds will make you bury your head in your hands. Happy to see West Point embarrass themselves, I think the entire city of Annapolis has e-mailed it to us today, with the most recent e-mail reading “West Point wins award for worst EVER spirit spot.” It features a Bro singing shade to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.”

I’ve blogged about A LOT of these spirit spot over the years and, yeah, I kind of have to agree: This is pathetic, West Point. No one is running scared to this shit. The Black Knights can do much, much better.

You can watch the Navy’s spirit spot here. Get ready to cringe and SMH, HARD

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