This 10.5-Foot Fish Caught In Canada Makes It Easy To Understand Why People Believed In Water Dragons

10.5 Foot Sturgeon Caught On Fraser River Is One Of Biggest Fish Ever

iStockphoto / James Pintar

  • The Fraser River in British Columbia is home to the largest white sturgeon (fish) on the planet with anglers catching specimens longer than trucks
  • An angler recently caught a sturgeon that was longer than 10.5 feet and its fish like this that make it easy to understand why ancient civilizations believed in water dragons
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A massive white sturgeon measuring over ten and a half feet was recently caught on the Fraser River in British Columbia. People in the know will tell you the Fraser River is the #1 spot in the world to catch these living fossils as year after year, fish as round as redwood trees get reeled in.

This most recent fish that is making headlines has gone viral after fishing guide Yves Bisson, who specializes in catching sturgeon on the Fraser River, posted a video to TikTok. That video has since been viewed over 20 million times with people unable to comprehend that there are fish this big out there swimming around in rivers.

It only takes one look at this 10.5-foot-long White Sturgeon to realize why ancient civilizations believed in mythical creatures like water dragons. Imagine you’re some sort of nomad who had been traveling across North America and then one day you spot a 10+ foot fish in a dang river. Heck, I’m semi-convinced these fish have magical properties science has yet to discover because they’re so majestic

10.5 Foot Sturgeon Caught On Fraser River Is One Of Biggest Fish Ever

Here are a few videos and images from Instagram and TikTok.

Look at how wide this sturgeon’s head and body are compared to the adult male in the water. This isn’t trick photography, the fish really is that massive.

How Big Do These River Monsters Get?

Back in 2016, Captain Steve Kaye (aka ‘The Sturgeon Hunter‘) caught the fish of a lifetime. Actually, it took EIGHT fishermen passing the rod back and forth for more than two hours to catch the fish. But The Sturgeon Hunter is the fishing guide who led them to the largest sturgeon ever caught.

That fish measured 11’2″ (fork length) and was estimated to weigh over 750 pounds. They also estimated that massive fish was over 100 years old at the time it was caught.

Check this out, this is a 8 foot, 10 inch sturgeon caught last Summer (July 2021). Look at how big this fish is and then tack on ANOTHER TWO FEET. That’s how big this recent dinosaur was that was caught on the Fraser River.

And this particular sturgeon measured 10 feet, so tack on another half foot and that’s how big this recent catch was.

What Even Are Sturgeon Because They Look Like Living Fossils?!?

Sturgeon are living dinosaurs. Worldwide there are 27 species of fish referred to as sturgeon, with the largest ever caught (back in 1827) weighing absolutely insane 3,463-pounds.

That fish measured a whole 24-feet in length and was caught in the Volga Delta, the largest river delta in Europe which is located where Russia’s Volga River dumps into the Caspian Sea.

As I mentioned above, Yves Bisson is the fishing guide to caught this 10.5-footer estimated at 500+ pounds. You can visit his website for information on fishing charters if you want to book a trip to British Columbia. This is a 100% catch-and-release fishery for the white sturgeon to keep the fishery healthy. So don’t get any ideas about keeping a fish but you can always take measurements and photographs and have a lifesize replica mount built.