14 GIFs that describe my love of air conditioning and hatred of summer

I hate summer, I hate the heat, I hate the humidity, I’m an insufferable curmudgeon when the summer temps spike, and I’m unapologetic about my hatred of the heat.

I moved from Florida to NYC under the misguided notion that summers in the city would be less brutal than those down south, not so. Back in Florida we had central air EVERYWHERE, and you walked nowhere. You walked out of your climate-controlled central-air cooled home in to your car to blast the A/C and drove to the next place that’d have their A/C blasting.

Here in NYC we have no central air, we have miserable window units that always need to be in order to maintain a barely livable temperature. It’s actually my personal hell. But enough with the ranting, I thought that since I had the fortune of riding in my car last night and blasting the A/C now would be a good time to express my love of air conditioning in GIF form. And for those of you that want to tell me I’m one of those people who hate the heat until it’s winter, seriously go f*ck yourself. It could be 25 degrees every day and I’d be the happiest man alive, ask anyone who knows me well.

The amount of clothes I wear around my miserably hot apartment.

When I have to put on clothes and walk in to the office.

When I get in to the office and nobody’s
turned on both window units yet.

How I feel unabashedly eating ice cream in public to cool myself down.

How my fiancé looks when she gets home
from the sweltering subways.

When I get out of the shower without toweling
off and sit in front of my A/C.

When it’s 85 degrees (with 90% humidity) and someone
tells me how nice it is outside.

When our office manager shuts off the A/C because the girl
who sits closest to is is a bit chilly.

When the mayor announces an impending heat wave
& subsequent air quality advisory.

When my fiancé tells just because it’s hot on my walk
there doesn’t mean I can skip going to the gym.

When someone overhears me talking about how I put
my boxers in the freezer before going to bed.

When the neighbors see me standing naked in front of the
window because that’s where the A/C unit is.

And finally, this is me, mid-summer, when I’ve
succumbed to the worst season of all.