2017’s Most-Liked Instagram Posts Shattered Records, Shared Some Common Themes

Ink Drop / Shutterstock.com

Yes, it’s that time of year again where the internet starts tallying up the numbers for end-of-the year lists. One of those lists which we always find amusing is the list of the most-like Instagram posts of the year. 2017 was really not a whole lot different than any other year as far as what Instagram pics people liked. They, of course, featured various celebrities, but this year the photos were not the usual fare and seemed to have a slightly common theme.

Take, for instance, 2016’s most-liked Instagram post by Selena Gomez, which currently sits at 6.8 million likes…

While it’s pretty much just an ad, it’s still a very eye-catching photo.

In 2015, Kendall Jenner took the top spot with this artsy pic that’s earned 3.6 million likes…

And in 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding photo was the most-liked, and also broke the record at the time for most likes for a single Instagram post despite the fact that three years later it still “only” has 2.4 million likes.

By comparison, the most-like Instagram post of 2017 so far has 11.1 million likes!! Eleven-point-one million.

Heck, the third most-liked photo of 2017 by Selena Gomez, revealing that she had a kidney transplant, has 10.3 million likes!

Second this year went to Cristiano Ronaldo and the birth of his daughter, at 11 million likes.

While the top spot in 2017 for most-liked Instagram post went to Beyonce’s announcement that she is expecting twins…

So basically, if you are a celebrity in a hospital or giving birth to a baby, and you post it on Instagram, you’re golden, I guess.

Meanwhile, the 10 most-followed celebrities in general are as follows…

1. Selena Gomez, 130 million followers

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, 116 million followers

3. Ariana Grande, 115 million followers

4. Beyonce, 108 million followers

5. Kim Kardashian, 104 million followers

6. Taylor Swift, 104 million followers

7. Kylie Jenner, 99.5 million followers

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 96 million followers

9. Justin Bieber, 94 million followers

10. Kendall Jenner, 84.8 million followers