The Farmer’s Almanac Winter 2019 Predictions Are Here And A Lot Of People Are In For The Bitter Cold

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The first day of Fall 2018 is just around the corner, three weeks from this Saturday on September 22nd. Fall 2018 runs from September 22nd to December 21st and then we have the first day of Winter.

The Farmer’s Almanac Winter weather predictions are out for Winter 2018-2019 and depending on where you live (Northeast to the Plains states) you might want to start prepping for the bitter cold now.

Winter seems like it’s impossibly far away. The Northeast has been getting absolutely dominated by a heat wave over the past few days. It got so bad that some schools were forced to cancel classes.

I lost power last night up in the Adirondack Mountains from 7pm until 5:30am this morning and we also lost running water because it’s fed from a well and pumped in. No electric pump means no running water.

While sitting in bed while trying to fall asleep in miserably hot and humid conditions I found myself thinking about Winter, and how anyone who thinks warm weather is better than the cold weather is a complete idiot.

With Winter, if you’re cold you can just layer up with comfy jackets in sweaters. If you’re hot and you don’t have A/C or fans (i.e. no electricity like me last night) then you’re totally fucked.

I welcome Winter with open arms every year but the Farmer’s Almanac predictions for Winter 2019 look pretty brutal, especially for the Western states (not the Pacific NW though).

Here’s how it breaks down:

The South — Near normal Winter temps with wet weather

Mid-Atlantic — Chilly, Wintry Mix weather on the way

Northeast/New England — Cold and White, brace for snow

Rocky Mountain + Plains States — You’re totally fucked. ‘Teeth-chattering cold’ and lots of snow

Midwest — Lots of snow and biting cold weather

The Southwest — ‘Stinging Cold’ with average precipitation

Southern California + Desert States — Mild weather w/ average precipitation

Pacific Northwest — Typical Winter temperatures accompanied by wet weather

If you don’t want to rely entirely on the Farmer’s Almanac for your Winter weather predictions here’s what Mr. Weatherbee’s ‘Red-Flagged’ predictions look like (via The Inertia):

the mid-Atlantic through New England can expect a deep holiday season, with December 1st-3rd, 16th-19th, and 28th-31st bringing big storm systems followed by gusty winds.

Other red-flagged periods include a mid-February arctic cold front expected to come down from Canada and stretch across the entire eastern seaboard, and a mid-March weather system expected to deliver increased snowfall from coast to coast, in particular, throughout New England from March 20th-23rd.

Taking a step back from the regional forecasts and looking at the national predictions, both NOAA and the Farmer’s Almanac are calling for warmer than average temperatures and less than average snowfall nationwide.

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These days I split time working remotely these days between NYC, Florida, and upstate New York.

I plan on spending most of the Winter in Florida this year so I fully welcome ‘wet weather’ considering last year was dry as hell which created a drought which led to wildfires across the entire state of Florida.

Everywhere you went smelled like smoke. It was awful. We’ll take any wet weather we can get this Winter/Spring. I want none of that this year.