5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get The Most From Your NVIDIA GeForce RTX Powered PC

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It’s that time of year – when blockbuster game releases and extended holiday breaks perfectly align, allowing us to blissfully lose ourselves in our favorite virtual worlds well into the wee hours.

But whether you’re gearing up for some marathon single-player sessions, preparing to sharpen your skills in the online competitive space, or are ready to settle in for a long winter of streaming, some simple tweaks to your rig can significantly enhance all these experiences.

If you’ve taken the leap and got a GeForce RTX powered graphics card, desktop, or laptop, then you’re already way ahead of the game. That upgrade alone guarantees you’ll get the absolute best performance from the latest and greatest titles.

How the Year’s Biggest Games Are Getting A Major Boost From NVIDIA GeForce’s Latest Tech

Once you’ve experienced the difference DLSS and other performance-pushing NVIDIA technologies make though, you’ll want to gently gather your jaw from the floor. After that, you should spy the below tips, heed their wisdom, and raise the bar even further on your holiday gaming.


The Game Ready Driver Difference

Being constantly reminded to update drivers is a bit like when your mom would nag you to put on a warm hat during the winter. It’s kind of a drag. But, like it or not, mom was always right. Grabbing NVIDIA’S latest Game Ready Driver is the best way to guarantee you’ll get the greatest experience, from fresh features and game optimizations to smaller tweaks that can make a big difference. And, at the very least, pairing your new GeForce RTX PC with the most recent drivers will make Fortnite look way prettier.  Victory Royale is even sweeter illuminated by eye-pleasing ray tracing tech.

GeForce Experience Packs Even More Power with the Performance Tuner

Speaking of scoring the latest drivers, GeForce Experience makes it incredibly easy to do that and so much more. The intuitive app also lets you easily capture and stream, snap screenshots, configure the look and feel of your games, and even enjoy your favorite pastime from anywhere in the house with NVIDIA SHIELD.

Of course, the real draw is the ability to get the most out of your GeForce RTX PC with a single click. Leveraging the app’s new GeForce Experience Performance Tuner, you can optimize your games, cranking them to the next level with the same amount of effort it takes to delete a spam email.

Gain the Competitive Edge with NVIDIA Reflex

The only thing worse than losing an online multiplayer match due to a dumb mistake is taking second place because latency reared its ugly, reaction-slowing head at the wrong time. NVIDIA Reflex kicks latency to the curb, letting you focus on your skills, without worrying if they’ll suffer from your system not syncing them with the immediacy they demand.

Encompassing a range of response-enhancing tech, NVIDIA Reflex – supporting GeForce GPUs, as well as games and G-SYNC monitors – can give you that extra edge when it comes to acquiring targets, nailing precise shots, and feeling more connected to the on-screen action.

Currently cutting latency in Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Valorant, and Warface, the tech’s also coming soon to ratchet your responsiveness in Enlisted, Mordhau, and Cuisine Royale..


NVIDIA Broadcast Brings Better Quality to Your Streams

Want to take the quality of your streaming set-up from mom’s basement to home studio? The NVIDIA Broadcast app has got your back. Utilizing the same performance-cranking Tensor Cores and AI tech that allows GeForce RTX GPUs to work that sweet NVIDIA DLSS magic, the app’s able to significantly enhance your mic, speakers, and webcam.

Upon downloading NVIDIA Broadcast, you can quickly configure it with your go-to streaming, video, and chat apps. With the simple set-up complete, your studio’s up and running, allowing you to tweak and adjust everything, from distracting noise levels – from incoming and outgoing comms – to your own green screen-like background.

And with NVIDIA’s dedicated hardware encoder (NVENC) on all RTX GPUs, streamers get best-in-class video quality, while offloading work from the CPU to boost framerates in games.

Beat the Bandwidth Cap Blues with AV1 Codec

>Streaming at 4K or 8K with HDR is amazing…until that bandwidth cap hits you like a bag of bricks. Thankfully, the AV1 video codec has arrived to help keep those data restrictions from cramping your stream quality. Reducing internet bandwidth requirements by up to 50%, AV1 decoding – implemented in GeForce RTX Series GPUs – efficiently compresses video streams for smooth video playback .. If you’re looking to up your stream game, you’ll want GeForce RTX and AV1 codec in your corner.

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