7th Grade Class Canceled Because Teacher Is ‘Living In The Forest’

Middle school, 7th grade class, canceled because teacher is living in a forest and has no internet.

iStockphoto / Smileus

If you are a kid who doesn’t like school, then boy oh boy, 2020 is your year. There have been multiple lockdowns from the coronavirus pandemic in most states, delighting students who prefer to learn remotely from the comfort of their own home. Then there is the off chance that your class could be canceled because your teacher is currently living in the woods, such as some seventh graders reportedly experienced this week. Why are teachers larping as a dystopian cult hiding deep in the woods to wait out the apocalypse?

One parent voiced her displeasure that her child’s teacher recently called out of work because they decided to get off the grid. Jenny Feldman, a self-described New Yorker who transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, went to Twitter to complain to the Seattle Public Schools that her daughter was not able to learn for a very Washington state reason as reported by The Post Millennial.

“Well this is new: my 7th grader’s Language Arts class today was cancelled because her teacher is now ‘living in the forest’ and didn’t have adequate internet to host,” Feldman tweeted on Wednesday. “I’ve attached the message my kid received an hour before class.”

“Srsly. What are we teaching public school kids about the importance of their education right now? The more they see themselves as the last priority, the more they are going to check out,” the concerned mother wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of the reported email from the campsite educator.

Maybe if you’re a teacher who is responsible for the education of children, maybe don’t hide in the woods? Get your ass to a reliable Wi-Fi signal and teach the kids, even if that means holding class from your local Starbucks.

Again, if you’re a student who hates going to school, 2020 is a dream come true. Even virtual learning can be canceled because your teacher believes the end of the world is near and they are cosplaying like a character in Hunger Games.

Kids don’t know how good they have it. Before 2020, even if your history teacher got drunk and called out of work because of a nasty hangover, there was always that substitute teacher lying in the weeds, ready to wheel the TV cart and make you watch a documentary that had nothing to do with what you were studying and was instant melatonin.