Action Bronson Continues To Be The Most Interesting Man On The Planet As He Swings A Quad Mace To The Sounds Of Pan Flute

Action Bronson Weight Loss

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Action Bronson is a man of wonder. The New York Mets chef turned rapper and TV host travels the world eating good food and consuming cannabis while also releasing some of the best lyrical tracks in the game. Over the past year, Bam Bam has been putting in the work to get in better shape after topping the scales well above 300 pounds. The grind is real and Mr. Baklava has lost a ton of weight, but he hasn’t lost his unique way of life.

Over the weekend, Bronson posted an instagram video of him in what looks like an office space of sorts, swinging a mace. To his side, a man plays a giant wooden flute.

As the caption suggests, it is an ancient flute that was hand-whittled in India. The man playing the diddy is Nicholas Coleman, an oleologist from France that Bronsolino met along the way amidst his many travels. An oleologist is exactly what it sounds like, someone who is well-versed in oils, meaning olive oil and its comparable entities. In this case, he also just so happens to know how to play the Indian flute.

There are very few things that could surprise us about the life that Bronson lives, but this one was so incredibly random it deserved its own moment to pause and recognize how ridiculous the scene is. A mace, for those who don’t know, is a blunt weapon used back in the ancient war days that uses a havey head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful strikes. It has since become something of a workout technique that trains similar to a martial art.