Ana de Armas Says That NC-17 Rated ‘Blonde’ Will ‘Create Controversy And Discomfort’

Ana de Armas Says 'Blonde' Will 'Create Controversy And Discomfort’


With the premiere of Netflix’s Blonde just a few weeks away, the star of the film — Academy Award hopeful Ana de Armas — has begun to promote the film in various press appearances and interviews.

During a recent interview across the pond with Empire Magazine, the 34-year-old starlet discussed how the NC-17 rated project will likely “create controversy and discomfort” as that’s how director Andrew Dominik designed the experience of watching the film to be.

Ana de Armas says her Marilyn Monroe film Blonde is “supposed to create controversy and discomfort”

“Andrew [Dominik] did not compromise, not once. He pushed back. This movie has had a long journey, not only before being made, but also after,” de Armas recently told Empire Magazine.

“It’s a film that is supposed to create controversy and discomfort, and it’s supposed to make you think about what happened – and what is still happening,” says its star. “It’s revolutionary, and I think it’s so brave.”

Given everything we’ve heard about the film so far, it’s virtually guaranteed that Blonde is going to wind up being one of the most divisive films of the year.

In addition to de Armas, Blonde stars Adrien Brody (as Arthur Miller), Bobby Cannavale (as Joe DiMaggio), and Julianne Nicholson (as Gladys Pearl Baker, Monroe’s mother). The movie is helmed by filmmaker Andrew Dominik, who also directed The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Killing Them Softly.

Blonde will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September before it hits Netflix on Friday, September 23.

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