Timberwolves All-Star Anthony Edwards Gifted A Cancer Survivor His Shoes During Touching Moment

Anthony Edwards Minnesota Timberwolves

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards made his first NBA All-Star team this season. He’s currently averaging just a hair under 25 points/per game, 5.9 rebounds/per game, and 4.4 assists/per game.

Edwards leads his team in scoring and is clearly up to the task of being one of the ‘faces’ of his team. And Timberwolves fans are embracing him with open arms as the future of the franchise.

Clearly a fan of The Beatles, Edwards recently practiced the ‘the love you give is the love you get’ way of life. He gifted a cancer survivor his shoes and made that fan’s dream come true of meeting his favorite NBA player.

The joy radiating from both the fan, 15-year-old Preston who is a recent cancer survivor, and Anthony Edwards in this exchange is incredible.

Timberwolves fans loved the moment and shared their thoughts in the replies:

He currently has 1 more year left on his Timberwolves contract…

He does seem like a great dude:

It’s a relatively small gesture at the end of the day but it meant the world to Preston and it’s a memory he’ll have forever.

This has been a special season for Anthony Edwards. Here is the moment he was surprised with the news that he’d made his first NBA All-Star Team:

Edwards has also been an outspoken critic of his fellow players this season. He has done it in a way that’s endeared him to many NBA fans, myself included.

Anthony Edwards put NBA players on blast for ‘load management’ and sitting out of games.

Whatever he’s doing is working.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are in 7th place in the NBA’s Western Conference. They are only 2.5 games out of 4th place.