Avril Lavigne Is Bringing Back The Early 2000s With Tony Hawk And ‘Sk8r Boi’ In Her Iconic First TikTok Post

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Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae had their time on TikTok. Now, Avril Lavigne is here to steal the show.

Today, Lavigne posted her first TikTok today featuring none other than… Tony Hawk. That’s right. The early 2000s are back.

The queen of pop-punk brought back all the feels with her 2002 hit ‘Sk8er Boi.’ And to make it even sweeter, she is wearing her signature outfit: a black T-shirt with a striped necktie. Initially, Lavigne is seen lip-syncing her song on a halfpipe. But when the chorus comes, the camera zooms in on her tie and zooms out to reveal Tony Hawk. Unsurprisingly, the dude still has skill. Hawk performs a few tricks on the halfpipe wearing the same necktie as Lavigne.

Needless to say, Avril Lavigne may be my new favorite TikToker.

Additionally, Lavigne shared a Twitter post to announce her arrival onto TikTok. As if the TikTok was not legendary enough, the post has three pictures of the two stars together so we can continue to bask in memory lane.

Of course, the TikTok went viral immediately. In just six hours, the post already has over seven million views and nearly two million likes. Talk about an epic entry into the TikTok universe.

If someone told me I would be spending my Monday afternoon watching a TikTok with Avril Lavigne and Tony Hawk on repeat, I would definitely not believe them. But, here we are. I can feel the nostalgia running through my veins and I am not upset about it. BRB while I go blast ‘Sk8er Boi’ on repeat.