A Base Jumper Trapped On A Balcony After His Parachute Snagged Had An Awesome Mexican Granny Swoop In To Rescue Him

Acapulco, Mexico beach and coastline

iStockphoto / Gerardo_Borbolla

BASE Jumping is one of those sports where it seems like it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you get hurt but ‘when’. If you jump off enough mountains, cliffs, and tall buildings with nothing but a parachute then eventually something’s going to go wrong. These are the facts.

Thankfully for Kody Kosloski of Michigan, his brush with danger didn’t result in any broken bones or life-threatening injuries when it certainly seemed like he was in a disastrous situation for a few moments.

Kody was in Acapulco, Mexico and strapped on the GoPro helmet camera to BASE jump off one of the tallest buildings. Things were going fine for a few moments but then his parachute got snagged and he was stuck dangling off the side of one of these buildings, REALLY high in the air, with nothing to hold onto but the straps of his ‘chute.

That’s when a nice ol’ Mexican granny popped out to save the day. She helped him down onto her balcony and then offered him refreshments. The clip from Inside Edition is short but it’s pretty spectacular all due to the interaction with the sweet old lady.

I can’t even wrap my mind around what must’ve been going through Kody Kosloski’s head when he was hanging off the side of that building by a thread. He’d flown from Michigan with his parachute. He was probably thinking about this jump for months. Building it up in his head every day and going over every step in his mind. Then when push came to shove he found himself completely helpless and stuck on the side of a building, hoping his parachute (or straps) didn’t tear and send him falling down to the pavement below.

He must’ve been scared shitless. I hope he bought that nice old lady an amazing gift as a thank you because she legitimately saved his life.