Paul McCartney To Release ‘Final’ Beatles Song Using AI To Bring Back John Lennon’s Voice

The Beatles

Getty Image / Bettmann

The age of artificial intelligence is upon us and presenting itself in new and interesting ways every single day.

With all of the chatter about ChatGPT and Bard recently the focus on artificial intelligence use has been narrowed in recent days, but it was only a few weeks ago that Tom Hanks was discussing AI inserting him posthumously into movies.

And a few weeks before that a ‘Drake song’ exploded in popularity, having been created using artificial intelligence and without Drake’s permission, before it was taken offline.

Now, we have something similar taking place except Sir Paul McCartney is on board. He revealed to BBC News that using artificial intelligence to resurrect John Lennon’s vocals he will soon release one final song from The Beatles.

Sir Paul McCartney told BBC Radio 4 that they “just finished it up and it’ll be released this year.”

This all began decades ago when John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, gave McCartney a demo tape labeled “For Paul.” The demo contained “several songs on a cassette” that were recorded “shortly before his death in 1980” according to the BBC.

That was in 1995. They living members of The Beatles tried to record a song using Lennon’s voice but according to the BBC News, George Harrison refused to work on the song, saying the sound quality of Lennon’s vocal was “rubbish.”

Now, with the ground breaking capabilities of artificial intelligence, the last-ever song from The Beatles will finally be released later this year after John Lennon’s voice was ‘extricated’ from the demo tape.

McCartney’s full interview on BBC 4 radio can be streamed here.

If there’s one thing learned from the ‘Get Back’ documentary it is the world is always hungry for new music and content from The Beatles:

Now, if we can just get artificial intelligence to release new songs from Sublime the world would be perfect.