Power-Ranking The Best Buffalo Wings In Buffalo, New York — In Honor Of National Wing Day

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The city of Buffalo is really only known for three things: being close to Niagara Falls, having two professional sports teams, and creating the Buffalo wing. Conveniently my visit to Buffalo was only a few days before National Chicken Wing Day, so it was only natural that wings were my number one focus while in town. I knew I really only had two meal windows to eat the local cuisine so I decided to maximize my experience. I extensively researched the best options within a reasonable distance of downtown and came up with four restaurants that stood out from the rest. I then hit two of them for dinner and two of them for lunch the following day. I’m probably good on Buffalo wings until football season, but I definitely have some strong opinions on what I sampled. For the purpose of keeping everything fairly ranked, every order of wings was at medium heat. I didn’t eat them with blue cheese or sour cream because I was here to eat the wings and not eat wings covered in a bunch of things that mask the taste of the actual wing.

Here are the rankings of the best wings in Buffalo, New York, the chicken wing capital of the world.

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#4 – La Nova Pizzeria

I didn’t know Buffalo had its own style pizza, but I figured that out once I started doing research on LA Nova. I do, however, need to stay focused here because we’re talking about wings. Despite being a Pizzeria, La Nova had a reputation for providing local with some of the best wings in the area. It looks like your standard pizza place with ample seating in front of numerous big screen TVs. The first thing I thought about was would this be a good place to watch football on Sundays. The wings took longer to come out than at any other restaurant despite the fact that there weren’t that many people there, but that wouldn’t be an issue if the wings were elite.

Unfortunately with the raised expectations, these wings didn’t deliver enough for the wait. There were just ok. They were appropriately crispy and there was enough meat on the bone. They even threw an extra wing in there for me. But the sauce didn’t have the same flavor as the other wings I tried. They weren’t completely overwhelmed with sauce, which is what I saw at a couple other locations, but I’m generally ok with that if the wings contain enough of sauce. The sauce just needs to pack some punch and these wings didn’t have that. They are certainly passable wings that you could eat and enjoy, but your expectations are raised when you’re in the city that created Buffalo wings. (As a side note: I tried the pizza as well and it was more flavorful than the wings, but it wasn’t a slam dunk either. The crust was along the lines of a better version of Dominos.)


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