Poll Finds Biggest Dating Red Flags For Gen Z And Millennial Women Includes ‘Joe Rogan’ And ‘No Hobbies’

Joe Rogan wearing a black shirt

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

A new poll found that listening to the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest red flags in dating for women under 35.

The poll was conducted by ChangeResearch who solicited information from 1,033 registered voters between the age of 18 to 34, so Gen Z and Millennials.

What they found is nearly double the number of women viewed ‘listening to Joe Rogan’ as a bigger red flag than someone owning a gun, not that the two are connected in any way. And for what it’s worth, the Joe Rogan Experience has been and will continue to be the most popular podcast in the world (by far) so it’s a perplexing red flag given the numbers.

Biggest Dating Red Flags And Green Flags For Gen Z And Millennial Women

The largest red flag reported in the study was political in nature with 76% of the women responding that ‘maga’ was a red flag for them. Coming in at #2 was ‘they have no hobbies’ with 66% of women 35 and under saying it was a red flag.

55% of women said ‘they identify as a communist’ as a major red flag as well, the same number of women who said that ‘listening to Joe Rogan’ was a red flag. Conversely, only 35% of men said ‘they listen to Joe Rogan’ was a red flag for them in the dating market.

Going a bit deeper, 53% of women said ‘they refuse to watch the Barbie movie’ was a red flag for them while 50% listed ‘they don’t care about politics’ as a red flag.

On the men’s side, 64% of millennial and Gen Z guys saying ‘she identifies as a communist’ was the biggest red flag followed by 60% saying ‘she has no hobbies’ and 59% saying ‘identifies as a MAGA Republican’ as the three biggest red flags.

41% of men also said ‘they are into astrology’ was a red flag.

As for ‘green flags’, 95% of women and 91% of men listed ‘they read’ as the #1 green flag. Coming in at #2 for both men and women was ‘researching best deals and rates before buying.’ 63% of men also listed ‘they look better in person’ as a green flag.

An article on the NYPost has some screencaps of the poll that includes more of the dating red flags and green flags.