Internet Unearths Unhinged Clip Of Bill Hader Attacking Himself With A Murderous Marshmallow

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Former Saturday Night Live star turned Emmy-winning actor and acclaimed director Bill Hader is slowly turning into the next Jordan Peele before our very eyes.

After spending close to a decade and making a name for himself in comedy, Hader has now transitioned to directing and has plans to move on to feature films (potentially in the horror genre) once his beloved HBO series Barry wraps up.

If Hader continues on the trajectory he’s shown, he could wind up being one of the most sought-after “young” directors working in Hollywood.

Still, regardless of how prestigious Hader’s career might ultimately become, there is still a decades-worth of video of him acting like a complete and total lunatic, ranging from Saturday Night Live skits to junket interviews for his voice work.

Take this clip from around the time of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, for example, which saw a then early-30s Hader *completely commit* to a bit in which he’s being attacked by a murderous marshmallow that was handed to him by the interviewer.

As someone perfectly put it in the replies to the tweet, once Bill Hader commits to a bit, “it’s game over.” That certainly can be said about Barry, which will wrap up its fourth and final season on HBO on Sunday, May 28.

Following the conclusion of Barry, Hader says he’s working on a couple of scripts that he’s considering directing, including a horror movie that he’d also think about starring in. Either way, given his sublime work on Barry, the pop culture community will be eager to see what he does next regardless of what the project ultimately is.

The real question is whether he’ll ever be able to top his unreal bit as the “President of Hollywood” from Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco. I still think about “Hollywood, do we really need two of these guys? at least bi-yearly.

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