Black Bear Caught On Camera Breaking Into A Jeep And Downing 69 Cans Of Soda

large black bear

iStockphoto / Theresa Muth Photography

A black bear in Canada caught wind of a delicious aroma wafting out of a Jeep. One thing led to another and that black bear had downed 69 cans of soda.

The soda-drinking black bear was caught on the home’s security camera as it devoured literally dozens of cans of soda, including cola and root beer, and in the process completely drenched the Jeep in the sugary liquid.

The incident went down in Earls Cove, British Columbia on their ‘Sunshine Coast’.

According to the CBC, the car owner, Sharon Rosel, sat from her balcony for around 90 minutes as the black bear made mince meat of her soda stash.

The bear went to town, can by can, ripping apart the aluminum with its sharp teeth and chugging root beer and cola while also drenching the Jeep in sucrose.

She told the CBC she was awoken at around 3 am when her dog started barking. That’s when it was discovered there was a bear outside living its best life.

‘Coke Can Bear’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as
Cocaine Bear‘. It’s hard to imagine this bear will have a movie made about it. But that doesn’t make this bear’s soda-drinking prowess any less impressive.

Out of pure curiosity, I looked up how much water black bears drink each day. The answer isn’t straightforward, but a 650-pound black bear would need around 11-12 liters each day.

On average, there is 12oz of soda in a can. There is about 32oz in a liter. The bear took down 69 cans of soda which total around 828 ounces which equals out to about 26 liters, or over double the black bear’s daily intake of water.