Bong shop in trouble for amazing mascot named Bongy

The Bong Warehouse is a store just trying to make its way in the pot-friendly confines of Canadian province British Columbia. But its town wants to shut it down for its lovable mascot, Bongy.

Bong Warehouse

The town of Esquimalt is attempting to create new bylaws to limit the use of mascots on the streets after Bongy made waves in the community.

An Esquimalt town council member told the Times Colonist, “There are illegal activities associated with marijuana and not everyone wants to have to explain that issue to their kids walking by.”

Small problem: Bongs aren’t actually illegal, even if they are primarily used for illegal purposes.

Bong Warehouse owner Ryan Place told Huffington Post that Bongy is all about branding.

“Everyone else has [a mascot],” Place said. “I’m trying to get into the 21st century like McDonald’s.”

Place says that he doesn’t market to kids at all so the mascot shouldn’t be anyone’s concern.

If the bylaw passes, Place promises to fight it. There may even be “Save Bongy” merchandise sold to help the cause.

With his vacant stare and smiling face, count me on Team Bongy all the way. Not sure why he’s dressed like a wizard booked for a low-rent kids party but, hey, we can’t all be perfect.