Boston Cop Rockets Out Of City Slide Face-Down At High Velocity In Hilarious Viral Video

boston cop slide


A video of a Boston Police Officer coming out of a newly-installed city slide face-down at high speed went viral on Tuesday, August 1.

Check out the video and a report on the viral clip, which has prompted an official response from the Boston Police Department, below.

Alright, now that you’ve seen the video without being influenced by my opinion (therefore running the risk of overselling it), is that not the funniest thing you’ve seen all summer? I must have watched it 20 times today. When I saw it for the first time, I cackled like a hyena for a solid five straight minutes — girlfriend literally said to me “Don’t hurt yourself.”

The mysterious clanging as he begins to make his way down, the giggles from his co-workers, the way he grumbles “f—” as he hits the ground — it’s all just perfect.

The thing with funny videos, though, is that they’re all fun and games until they go viral. Case in point: these officers, who are now likely catching heat from their boss for not only doing something so stupid but sharing a video of it.

Sources said other officers standing by were videotaping the shenanigans on their cell phones. Boston Police say the officer did get hurt and was treated using his own insurance. The department also told the I-Team he has not missed work with a line of duty-injury.

But there are other questions about the appropriateness the officer, gun belt and all, going down a children’s slide in public. We asked the department about that – but they said they had no comment. [via CBS News Boston]

According to the report from CBS Boston, while they have uncovered the identity of the officer, they’re not making it public as he has not been charged and is not being investigated.

You can also check out the televised version of CBS Bostons‘ report below.