Brendan Schaub Talks About When Joe Rogan Basically Told Him To Retire From UFC: ‘I Was Embarrassed And Mad, But They Were Right’

joe rogan tells brendan schaub to retire

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You probably know Brendan Schaub from one of two things: his career in the UFC or his career as a standup comedian with a very successful podcast.

I fall into the latter camp. Sure, I know he fought in the UFC, but I know him as a hilarious standup that busts balls with Bryan Callen on The Fighter And The Kid podcast that just used to fight. He also had a cup of coffee in the NFL after playing college football at Colorado.

Regardless of how you know Schaub, you’ve most definitely fallen down the Joe Rogan or Schaub rabbit hole on YouTube and seen the clip where Rogan breaks down one of Schaub’s losses. As a close friend of Schaub, Rogan holds nothing back telling him he’s worried Schaub is going to end up getting hurt and that basically, he’s not an elite fighter that can be a legitimate contender.

It was a pretty awkward and brutally honest moment for both Schaub and everyone listening. Schaub joined Mike Stud on his podcast Ya Neva Know: you know what I mean? and talked about his emotions during that moment.

He describes how he felt like how he wanted to kick Rogan’s ass in the moment, how he was embarrassed, mad and worried about saying the wrong thing.

In the long run though, Rogan and Callen were right in having a heart-to-heart with their buddy Schaub on the podcast. Schaub is always honest with everything he says, it’s what makes him such a great comedian and storytellers out there. You have to applaud him being honest about that moment that will live forever on the Internet and admitting that they were right in what they were saying.

It’s a fascinating look into one of the more viral moments in Joe Rogan Experience history and within the comedy podcast circle.

One thing is for sure, things have worked out pretty well for Schaub since he decided to leave the fight game.

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