Stepson Of Billionaire Trapped On Lost Submersile Is Using His 15 Minutes To Holler At Subscription Models And Blink-182

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Brian Szasz, the stepson of billionaire Hamish Harding, who is currently trapped and lost on the instantly infamous Titanic wreckage-exploring submersible, is using his 15 minutes of internet fame to holler at Blink-182 and subscription website models.

“Yes I went to blink-182 last night. What am I supposed to do sit at home and watch the news? Not sorry this band has helped me through hard times since 1998,” Szasz wrote in an Instagram story.

He also posted on Facebook about the concert, saying “It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the blink-182 show as it’s my favorite band and music helps me in difficult times!”

He also shared a tweet about blink-182 that read “My stepdad Hamish is on this submarine lost at sea. I’m devastated but coming to the San Diego show tonight so you guys can give me hope and cheer me up.”

Those posts have since been removed, however, as Szasz says his mother Linda asked him to “delete all related posts.”

The day after he revealed he went to a Blink-182 concert in the midst of search-and-operation rescue to find his stepfather, Szasz also tweeted at a subscription website model, telling her that she can sit on him. The tweet, however, is not meant to be viewed at work, so be extremely careful when checking it out.

At this time, Harding and the other members of the excursion have yet to be found. While reports on Wednesday indicate that banging could be heard in the area where the vessel went missing and that search-and-rescue teams had reportedly detected signs of life, the clock is ticking as the crew reportedly only has enough oxygen to last until Thursday.

According to a 2022 report from CBS News, customers who board the Titan, who must pay $250,000 in order to partake in the expedition, must sign a waiver tthat says “this experimental vessel has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body, and could result in physical injury, emotional trauma, or death.”

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