Buffalo Wild Wings Has Dreamed Up A Father’s Day Gift Unlike Any Other In The Form Of The ‘Moist Tie-Lette’

buffalo wild wings moist Tie Lette

Buffalo Wild Wings

The restaurant industry has been hit harder than almost any other over the past few months, and while only time will tell what the dining landscape is going to look like when everything is said and done, there’s nothing I’m looking forward to more than eating food someone else cooked for me at literally any other table than the one I’ve used for every meal since the middle of March.

Sure, you could always install several TVs in your dining room so you can get the sports bar experience (albeit without the sports) once again, but a more practical solution may be to find a place that’s serving up the kind of fare you typically find at one to get your fix. However, what if I told you it’s possible to check that box and get a Father’s Day gift at the same time?

You can do exactly that thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings, which has dreamed up a unique twist on the tie you traditionally give your dad for Father’s Day after he gets home from the round of golf he traditionally plays on the holiday he uses as an excuse to get away from everyone for a few quiet and glorious hours.

While you could certainly purchase another fairly generic piece of neckwear, B-Dubs has dreamed up something slightly more unique in the form of the “Moist Tie-Lette,”

Fashioned from “the most absorbent towelettes,” the tie is ideal for anyone who wants to arrive to a fancy social occasion prepared for any event that could result in their hands being covered in buffalo sauce. They’re also paired with a one-of-a-kind chicken wing bone tie clip to help add some extra flair to dad’s look. If he loses the cargo shorts and buys this tie, he’ll truly reinvent his whole personality!

You’ll have to shell out $25 to get your hands on one but they each come with a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card that you probably should tell your dad about but aren’t legally required to. We’ll leave that decision up to you.