Customer Who Slipped On ‘Foreign Substance’ At Burger King Awarded Millions In Court

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A 48-year-old man in Florida has been awarded just shy of $8 million after suing Burger King in 2021 following an accident at a Hollywood, FL location.

The plaintiff sustained lowed back injuries after slipping on a ‘foreign substance’ at Burger King. And the fall was so severe it required surgery after he suffered a a postoperative perforated colon.

A report from Fox Business detailed how it all played out. According to the report, BK was accused of “failing to ensure that the area and floor of the business was free and clear of any hazards.”

After a multi-year legal battle, a Burger King franchisee is now being ordered to pay out $7,809,765.

“A Broward County jury awarded Tulecki $7.8 million in damages, including $3.35 million for lost earnings and $700,000 for medical expenses. The court later adjusted the award to $7.68 million for medical expenses Tulecki’s insurance had already paid for.”

According to all reports, this is one of the largest ‘Slip And Fall’ awards in Florida history.

Attorneys for the other side have already filed for a new trial.

The icing on the take was when Ginnis & Krathen attorneys for the victim, 48-year-old Richard Tulecki, called this a ‘whopper’ of a verdict according to Fox Business. The firm published a press release detailing how significant this award was given recent changes in the state of Florida.

For anyone keeping track at home… The average price of a Whopper at BK in Florida is $4.19. That means they could buy 1,861,575 Whoppers with the awarded amount.

Or rather, the fee for a BK franchise is $50,000 and requires an investment between $316K and $2.66M depending on the location. So they could suddenly become a massive franchisee, if that was their prerogative.

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