$200K Free Gas Giveaway Causes Mass Chaos In Chicago And It’s Going To Get Even Crazier Next Week

$200K Free Gas Giveaway In Chicago Create Chaotic Traffic Jams

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  • A $200,000 gas giveaway resulted in chaotic traffic jams in Chicago
  • The stunt was orchestrated by businessman Willie Wilson, who says he’s planning on giving away another $1 million later this month
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If you use a car as your primary method of transportation—or simply pay the slightest bit of attention to the news—then you’re likely aware people around the United States are dealing with some major Pain at The Pump due to a spike in gas prices that has seen the cost of a typical gallon rise by 25% over the past couple of months.

The increase can mostly be traced back to the global ramifications of Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, and it seems very unlikely any immediate relief will be in the cards at any point in the near future.

However, Willie Wilson—a businessman who made a fortune as the owner of a medical supply company—did what he could to make life a bit easier for people in Chicago when he announced he’d be giving away $200,000 worth of gas in the city.

On Thursday morning, people flocked to the ten gas stations where they could claim up to $50 worth of fuel only to discover plenty of others had a similar idea, as Wilson’s giveaway generated some absolutely massive lines as car owners waited for hours in the hopes of filling up their tank.


According to WGN, it only took three hours for the participating stations to give out all $200K worth of gasoline, but Wilson says he’s gearing up for another giveaway at more locations (including some in the Chicago suburbs) to the tune of $1 million on March 31st.

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