People Are Losing It Over This Simple Cooking Hack For Pulling The Gross White Tendon Out Of Chicken

Chicken Breast Tendon Trick


When collecting news to share for this website, I’ll often come across stories, videos, and tweets and think “but will people really care.”

For example, last week the McFlurry revelation was interesting but I wondered, “would people give a crap?”

Oh, people gave a crap. The story blew up on the website.

My conundrum this week – do people care about preparing chicken enough to watch a video on how to remove the disgusting white tendon?

Let’s find out.

Tik Tok user and mom, @raising_krazies, posted this video demonstrating how to easily remove the white tendons from chicken breast, and the video is getting quite the response.

“I learned something recently that I thought was so cool and wanted to share,” the mom explains.

“Do you guys see this nasty little chicken tendon? I don’t know if I’m maybe late to the game, but I learned that if you take a fork, you slip the tendon into the middle of the fork – it’s a little slick, you’ve gotta grab a paper towel, you just grab the tendon and push down.”

And like magic, Raising Krazie rips the entire tendon out!

The video has 653.2K likes, 79K shares, and close to 10K comments.

The people have spoken – screw that tendon!


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