Chris Rock Compares His ‘Fargo’ Character To Tony Soprano, Says It’s The Greatest Role Of His Career


While 2020 has been an absolute shit show thus far, one of the underrated and admittedly bizarre silver linings is that Chris Rock appears to be launching a comeback.

Not only is the iconic comedic starring in the upcoming Saw spin-off Spiral, but he’s set to star in the fourth season of the hit FX miniseries Fargo.

Rock is obviously excited about his upcoming Fargo role, as he recently told Entertainment Weekly that his character, who he compared to Tony Soprano, is the best role he’s ever had.

“He’s a businessman, he’s a deacon at his church, he’s a loving father and husband, he owns a bank,” says Rock of Loy Cannon, the central character he plays in the new season. “And he’s also a criminal — he fixes fights and runs numbers and prostitution. He’s always on edge. It’s Tony Soprano-esque.”

Rock is generally effusive about his experience filming the series: “This is the best part I’ve ever done and, honestly, probably the best part I’ll ever have.” He also teases the bigger scope of the upcoming season:

It’s the biggest Fargo. The scale is tremendous. Fargo normally tells little stories that get out of hand. They’re about ordinary people, something happens, and then we get to see how evil ordinary people can be. This is quite different. We start off gangsters, so we’re beginning with bad people, and then it escalates. [via Collider]

Having not been on the air for three years, it can be easy to forget that Fargo is one of the best series currently on television. In its first season,  it won Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Miniseries, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Casting.

At this time, season four of FX’s Fargo is set to premiere on Sunday, April 19.


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