Chrissy Teigen’s Flight To Tokyo Turned Into A ‘Flight To Nowhere’ And She Live-Tweeted The Crazy Trip

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I’d like to kick this off by saying that Twitter Moments gets under my skin when they create a moment for every little thing that Chrissy Teigen does. I like Chrissy a lot. She’s killing it in her career. Her husband’s awesome. She seems to have one of the best lives of anyone in America in 2017. But the rush to create content out of every fucking thing she does on Twitter (*cough* Buzzfeed *cough*) is too much. I don’t need to see an article about how Chrissy Teigen made meatloaf on Twitter. That’s not special. But, she’s a celebrity and crazy shit seems to orbit her life and this is one of those genuinely news-worthy incidents.

Chrissy and her husband John Legend were on an ANA flight from LAX to Tokyo, riding in First Class of course. Several hours into the flight (approximately 4 hours) the announcement was made that the plane would be turning around and heading back to LAX. This meant that they’d be cruising on an 8+ hour flight to nowhere, LAX -> LAX. Why? Because one of the passengers on the ANA flight apparently had a ticket to a United flight. How in the Sam Hell did this person get on an ANA flight with a United boarding pass? This remains to be seen.

Chrissy, as she’s known to do, live-tweeted the entire event. Here’s how it all went down in the sky:

This is a valid question and one I’d be demanding to know:

Another valid gripe here:

John starts tweeting:

This dude kicks off his Twitter career with the best possible tweet an n00b could do:

This all wrapped up just 4 hours ago:

Her first tweet went out 12+ hours ago. She then got on the 8.5-hour flight to nowhere. Sat in the airport for hours. I mean, fuuuuuuuuck. That sounds like legitimate torture. It appeared to be miserable from the outside and she was riding in First Class. Imagine the torture those people were feeling back in Economy/Coach. Sitting in the tiny ass seats for 8.5-hours to nowhere only to turn around and fly back to nowhere.

And we’ve established that this person’s boarding pass was for United and this was an ANA flight and how it’s insane that the ticket scanned. But isn’t it a bit of a miracle that his seat was open as well? How many empty seats are even on these international flights each day? I can’t imagine there are too many. So many things about this are weird.

I actually left out a lot of the tweets from the Twitter Moments and you can see the full thread by following that link.