Watch This Man Lose His Mind While Using A Coca-Cola Freestlye Machine For The First Time

coca cola freestlye first time reaction

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  • This man’s reaction while using a Coca-Cola freestyle machine is absolutely electric.
  • The TikTok video has gotten over 550k likes in just one day.
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Most would probably agree that the wheel, electricity, and the Internet are three of the most unbelievable inventions in the history of man. Maybe you throw the telephone, the printing press, and automobiles on your list of the greatest inventions as well. But do you know what else deserves a spot on that list? The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

If you were a kid when the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine was first introduced, you probably remember where you first saw that glorious piece of machinery. You may even remember the exact date you laid eyes on one of the machines for the first time.

Nowadays, they’re practically everywhere. You see them inside every other fast-food restaurant you go to and certainly inside different quick chain food spots. We’re numb to the magic behind the machine now because it’s the norm.

There are people out there that haven’t ever seen a Freestyle machine, however, and get to feel that feeling we all did when we first got to choose which soft drink we wanted.

Thankfully, ro_taylor17 shared one of those moments on TikTok.

In her caption, she writes that her brother has been “gone 10 years” and the video shows him having his mind absolutely blown away by the Freestyle machine.

At first, he can’t believe there’s a lime Fanta flavor, then he hits the Hi-C button and unleashes a ‘daaaaaaaamn’ that you can’t help but laugh at.


Don’t lie…you was excited the first time you used one too 😂😂😂 #welcomeback #welcomehome #siblinglove #mybrotherskeeper #love #week1

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Who knew that a grown man looking at a soda machine could make you feel things, but here we are. It certainly is quite a time to be alive.