Congressman Secretly Codes ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ And ‘Area 51’ In 24 Tweets About Impeachment Hearings

Congressman Rep. Paul Gosar from Arizona secretly coded 24 tweets with conspiracy theory memes about Jeffrey Epstein and Area 51. During live-tweeting of the public impeachment hearing, the representative tweeted "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" memes on Twitter.

Getty Image / Patrick McMullan / Contributor

Everyone on the internet has been loving the Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself meme for the last two weeks. Now, even congressmen are getting in on the popular conspiracy theory

Paul Gosar, the Republican representative from Arizona, secretly coded 24 of his tweets to spell out popular conspiracy theories about the suspicious death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Area 51, where many believe the government is holding aliens and UFOs.

Starting a thread of tweets all discussing the public impeachment hearings taking place at the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), craftily placed the first letter of each tweet.

The 23 tweets eventually spell out: “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Evidence,” “President,” “Schiff,” “The,” “Every,” “It’s,” “No,” “Democrats,” “It,” “Donald,” “Neither,” “The,” “Kent,” “In,” “Let,” “Lying,” “Hillary,” “It’s,” “Maxine,” “Schiff,” “Even,” “Let’s,” and “Finally.”

Interestingly enough, every tweet has to do wit the public impeachment hearings involving President Trump. The last tweet reads: “Finally, Adam Schiff’s sham impeachment inquiry comes out of the shadows. The American people will see it for what it is: a partisan sham. The fact is, President @realDonaldTrump did not commit any high crimes or misdemeanors.”

Notice that Rep. Gosar was live-tweeting the impeachment hearings, but was savvy enough to organize the tweets in reverse chronological order to spell out the secret message if you scroll down his Twitter feed.

During the eight hours of live-tweeting, the tongue-in-cheek coding was supposed to be a fun meme, but the internet was divided on the Congressman’s tweets.

“Incredible,” “savage,” “brilliant,” as well as “detestable,” “careless,” and “shortsighted” were some of the adjectives that were used by Twitter users to describe Gosar’s wordplay.

Dr. Paul Gosar, who is a dentist, received some love for his embedded Twitter meme, some people even wanted to make a campaign donation to the representative.

Not everyone was pleased with the cryptic tweets shared by the Congressman from Arizona’s 4th district.

There were some Twitter users who scolded the Congressman for not taking the impeachment hearing seriously as well as wasting time and taxpayer’s money on tweeting memes.

Katie Hill, the Democratic congresswoman from California who resigned after admitting to having inappropriate relationships campaign staffers, attacked Rep. Gosar for using his Twitter account to promote conspiracy theories. Hill wrote: “No like this actually happened. Real members of Congress tweeting out real conspiracy theories. In an acrostic no less.”

In retaliation, Rep. Gosar responded on Twitter by pointing out that the secret messaging was a joke and merely sharing a meme. “You’re surprised by me? You single-handedly taught an entire country a new word. #throuple And wth is up with that tattoo? Relax,” Gosar said, in a reference to Hill having a longterm threesome relationship with her ex-husband and a staffer.

Later, Gosar addressed his secret code conspiracy theory by responding to a Daily Wire article about his acrostic messages and tweeting: “What? Epstein didn’t kill himself?”

Ludicrous “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” memes have flooded the internet over the past week. Most of the memes are silly and don’t exactly deal with the conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s death.

However, there are some that play on the unfounded conspiracy theory that the Clintons are involved because of President Bill Clinton’s seemingly close relationship with Epstein or link to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and the Royal Family.

In the days of November 3-10, the term “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” reached a value of 100 peak popularity on Google Trends.

Many conspiracist theorists embraced the idea the Epstein was murdered and did not commit suicide even more so last week after guerrilla citizen journalism organization Project Veritas exposed that ABC News abandoned a story exposing Jeffrey Epstein and his network of child trafficking. Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach was caught on a hot mic criticizing ABC News for killing her reporting from three years ago on the convicted pedophile.

Secret codes from Gosar weren’t just dedicated to Epstein conspiracy theories. After receiving backlash for tweeting secret Epstein memes, the congressman doubled down and coded another tweet to spell out “Area 51.”

Epstein is the disgraced financier, who was charged by federal prosecutors with sex trafficking but died under extremely suspicious circumstances in his prison cell at the Metropolitical Correctional Center (MCC).

Lawyers for Epstein are suspicious of the sudden death of their client and have started their own investigation after the New York City medical examiner’s office announced that Epstein committed suicide. Medical examiner, Barbara Sampson, conducted an autopsy and came to the conclusion that Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself with a prison blanket.

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden isn’t sold on the medical examiner’s ruling and believes that it is more likely that Epstein didn’t kill himself. “Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” Dr. Baden said.