The Craziest Videos From Hurricane Ian Hitting Florida

Hurrican Ian

Hurricane Ian made landfall on the west coast of Florida on Wednesday, and some of the footage of the storm is jaw-dropping.

Ian entered Florida through the Ft Myers /Cape Coral area as a large Category 4 storm.

Ian brought 155 mph winds and up to 16 feet of storm surge in the coastal area of SW Florida.

Even before Cape Coral saw max sustained storm winds, there was already video of a roof being blown off a house.

Sanibel Island saw some of the worst of the storm surge.

Here’s what the storm surge looked like at FT Myers beach.

Video of storm surge in Pine Island.

A power line in Naples exploding during the storm surge.

Here’s some footage of flooding at Everglades City courtesy of Jimmy at Everglades Fishing Co.’

A house in Naples had its roof completely ripped off.

Florida man decided to jet ski in the middle of the hurricane.

A shark made its way to a Fort Myers neighborhood.

A man saved a cat from flooding waters during Hurricane Ian.

Some houses were floating off of their foundations in Fort Myers Beach.

Jim Cantore nearly got struck by lightning live on-air.

Cars in Naples were under water after the storm surge.

A house gets blown away and lands into another house.

Weather channel reporters nearly get blown away while covering the storm.

Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore got hit by a flying tree branch in 100 MPH winds.

A yacht broke free and is floating in the streets of FT Myers.

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