ASOS Says The Hot Summer Fashion Trend Is Crop Tops For Men And The Internet Isn’t So Sure

Are you getting your summer wardrobe assembled for plenty of house parties, music festivals and days at the beach? Have you added a crop top to your fashion arsenal? How about a tube top? No? ASOS says the bold summer trend of guys wearing crop tops is in fashion this summer and there is a history of guys rocking them.

British clothing retailer ASOS has a wide variety of crop tops for men and even tube tops for men. Recently, two pieces of clothing were brought to the attention on Twitter: the Reclaimed Vintage extreme cropped top with long sleeves and the Reclaimed Vintage bandeau in black.

The internet had reactions about the crop tops for men and the dude tubes.

The official Twitter account for ASOS joined the conversation by saying: “Proudly breaking down fashion norms since 2000.”

However, guys have been rocking the crop top for decades. Will Smith wore a belly shirt in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the 90s, Johnny Depp wore a crop top in A Nightmare on Elm Street in the 80s, Apollo Creed AKA Carl Weathers wore one in Rocky IV, Alex Winter wore one in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Alex Winter Prince wore crop tops numerous times.

Justin Bieber made his shirt into a crop top in 2017, Dallas Cowboys runningback Ezekial Elliot wore a crop top to the 2016 NFL Draft and Kid Cudi wore a crop top at Coachella in 2014.

And Winnie-the-Pooh has been wearing a red crop top since 1932, but unlike Pooh Bear, you should wear pants because you’re not an anthropomorphic cartoon teddy bear and you could get arrested if you don’t.

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So maybe this is just a resurgeance of the crop top from years ago since fashion trends always come back into style.