This Recruitment Video For A Stunt Devil School Is Like The Original Four Loko Mixed With Cocaine And Adrenaline


iStockphoto / mbolina

I’m not actually sure ‘Stunt Devil School’ is the right term at all here but I was worried if I just said ‘Stunt School’ a lot of people would be confused. I’m not unsure about how f’n glorious this video is. It’s perfection. It just dunked on every recruitment video in the history of recruitment videos and it has me ready to quit everything and sign up to be a stuntman.

CUC is the ‘Biggest Stunt School in the World’ which is a claim I’ll blindly believe without verifying. How many big stunt schools can there realistically be in the world? Two? Three? I always assumed stuntmen were trained person-to-person and actually had no idea there were massive schools for this.

Behold the greatest recruiting hype video you’re ever going to see:

The Univers Cascades Campus is located in France and was created in 2008 as a way to provide the best possible training for the next generation of professional stuntmen. CUC’s website says it “is intended for motivated athletes, men and women, whose objective is to become a professional stunt performer” and while I don’t really fit their target demographic I still want to go to adult summer camp there if that’s something they’re offering in the future.

I came across this video earlier in an article on Barstool and I’m glad I did because they also included some of the best clips from CUC’s Instagram. This stunt school is f’n ELECTRIC. I want what they’re selling. Jumping out of helicopters, learning to fight angry mobs, simulating battle, setting myself on fire (safe self immolation), weapons training, jumping dirtbikes, they’ve got it all.

The bad news is CUC’s training is in HIGH DEMAND. Their next available training slots are February 14 to 25, 2022 and April 11 to 22, 2022, every training slot on their website is listed as full until then.

The sessions don’t look unreasonably priced, either, I think… All of their prices are in Euros and they use the comma instead of the decimal place so I’m unsure if the full session + room and board is 700 euro or something else. But I’ll just go with 700 Euro.

For anyone out there looking to make their resumé POP, what better way to do that than CUC Stunt School in France? Do you really think any other applicants will have that on their resumé’s? Hell no, they won’t.