Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Comically Obsessed With His Uber Passenger Rating

Celebrities, they’re just like us. When they want to go out and crack a few cold ones with the boys they do the responsible thing and take an Uber so they don’t endanger anyone on the road.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. might’ve made a fortune racing in NASCAR but he still takes Uber rides like the rest of us, and just like you and me Dale’s hyper aware of his Uber passenger rating. My rating is currently at 4.75 which is pretty good, but obviously not perfect. It’s still a hell of a lot better than Dale Jr.’s Uber rating.

Nina Mandell over at ForTheWin managed to catch Dale Jr. having a bit of a meltdown on Twitter last weekend, and I don’t feel bad at all for laughing at Dale Earnhardt Jr. getting pissed off as his Uber rating continuously goes down.

It started on Friday:

The sun began to shine on Saturday:

All good things must come to an end:


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After seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Uber rating dip down to a paltry 3.88 I’m suddenly feeling better about my 4.75. Am I better human being than Dale Earnhardt Jr. because my rating is higher? That’s not for me to say. I didn’t create the rating system that ranks human beings, I’m just a cog in the system and my number happens to be higher because I’m an exemplary passenger…Is Dale’s rating so low because he’s getting in cars with people who root for other drivers or is it something about his behavior? We’ll never know.

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