Firefighters Demonstrate Dangers Of Deep-Frying A Turkey By Creating A Massive Fireball

deep fried turkey

iStockphoto / Pavlee

I hope everyone reading this has already pulled their turkey out of the freezer for Thanksgiving because those things take FOREVER to thaw. And if you plan on deep-frying a turkey this Thanksgiving then you 100% need that bird at room temperature before putting it in the fryer.

These videos aren’t exactly new but I came across one earlier today and it reminded me of how awesome they and how fun being a firefighter must be on the off days, the days when your task is to head out into nowhere and film a PSA on what can go wrong when deep-frying a turkey. Behold as the Phoenix Fire Department (last year) filmed this glorious PSA of an awesome fireball:

The YouTube channel Tech Insider has this compilation clip which shows how disastrous things can go when you drop a frozen turkey into a deep-fryer:

And the firefighter PSA’s just keep on coming. Here’s one from the Virginia Beach Fire Department:

And another from the Boise Fire Department:

I could be waaaaaaaayyyy off here but I have a feeling that the people who need to see these videos the most are the same people who never see them. So if you happen to know someone in your life who is planning on deep-frying a turkey this Thanksgiving make sure that bird is thawed!

Personally, I prefer my turkey in the oven or on the smoker but that’s mostly because I’ve never deep-fried a turkey myself and don’t have a personal connection to it. Sure, I’ve eaten deep-fried turkey countless times and it’s delicious AF but it’s not personal to me since I haven’t cooked that way on my own yet. I guess I also don’t love the validation of deep-frying a turkey and how easy it is to cook a delicious bird when I was raised to believe cooking should be needlessly complicated and take forever.