David Guetta Remixed MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ And The Internet Was Not Happy

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This has to be something from a secret new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, right? I mean, there’s just no way a sentient human being can be that unable to gauge the current societal climate, right? There’s simply no way that a French DJ would stand atop a Manhattan skyscraper as he fires up his “I Have A Dream” remix while “shouting out” George Floyd’s family, right?

WRONG! WRONG! As it turns out, David Guetta stunningly did attempt to remix MLK’s legendary “I Have A Dream” in honor of the late George Floyd during a live concert over the weekend, and needless to say, the internet was not pleased.

Here’s an attempt at explaining what exactly this event was supposed to be, via MLS:

After previously teaming up with Inter Miami for his inaugural “United At Home” event last month in Miami, internationally-renowned DJ David Guetta partnered with MLS and Heineken to hold a second concert on Saturday, May 30 in New York City.

The show which was hosted from a Manhattan rooftop, is the latest MLS Unites initiative to raise money to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Miami event raised more than $800,000. [via MLS]

Major yikes. To be fair to Major League Soccer, though, there’s no guarantee that Guetta warned them about the MLK-remix. Still, maybe it got lost in translation, who knows — the fact that Guetta himself though that this was the move just goes to show how clueless some of us really are.


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