These Deep-Fried Marijuana Leaves Don’t Get You High But They’re Supposed To Be Delicious And Calming

At what point do we just declare the entire week of 4/20 a National Holiday for stoners instead of forcing everyone to celebrate the stoner holiday in one day? There’s simply too much weed to smoke and too many edibles to be eaten.

The human body can only process so much THC in a 24-hour period and I feel like we should really open up 4/20 to a week-long celebration so that everyone has the opportunity to experiment with things like these deep-fried marijuana leaves below which are served at Shibumi in Los Angeles. They don’t get you high, but they’re supposedly delicious and they have an alleged calming effect

What bothers me about this is how they could make this dish in a way that gets people high but the chef is choosing not to. This dish could be the ultimate stoner’s delight. You could use THC-infused cannabis oil to deep fry the leaves. You could make any type of THC-infused dipping sauce under the sun and it would add flavor and the edible experience. It just seems like they’re intentionally stopping short of making this an epic stoner meal when they could really make this into a dish that stoners travel from all over the U.S. to eat.

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