Deer Smashes Through A House Window, Jumps On The Bed, And Terrorizes A Family

deer looking through window

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A family of 5 in Michigan received the shock of a lifetime when a deer smashed through the window of their home and ran amok.

It was just another ordinary day until the deer leaped through the home’s front window and started jumping on a bed and refused to leave until the cops showed up.

The Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office responded to the call and later shared photos (below) of the incident on social media.

Upon arrival, they were able to assess the situation. The situation was, of course, a nuisance deer jumping on a bed and police found that deer in a bedroom.

Thankfully for everyone involved, the officers were able to lure the deer out of the home by blocking every other deer and slowly corraling the deer towards the front door.

It eventually took off running straight out the front door, probably on its way to go bother another family because that’s what deer do, they exist to annoy humans.

The comments on the Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office Facebook post reflect the absurdity of the situation.

One person wrote, “He’s been trying to reach them in regards to their car’s extended warranty!” Another commented, “Sure, let him off easy without pressing charges and next time he needs a nap he will remember that soft bed and be back.”

Others chimed in about how the deer is lucky it didn’t get turned into venison. It’s unclear how that would’ve happened. You would have to be a madman to shoot a deer inside of a home and risk the biological disaster that would ensue on the floors.

Someone joked that we, the people, need to see the body camera footage which I 100% agree with. I’d love to see the tense moment this nuisance deer realized that sprinting for the front door was its only out with all other exits blocked.

No charges were filed against the deer, according to the FB post from the Bay County, Michigan Sheriff’s Office. It won’t be surprising to see this deer making headlines again without accountability this time around…

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