Young Shedeur And Shilo Sanders Complaining About Stinky Dorm Rooms Puts Family Wealth In Perspective

Shedeur and Shilo Sanders didn't like having to stay in a dorm room
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Shedeur and Shilo Sanders grew up living lavishly as the sons of Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. So did the rest of their family.

Deion has an estimated net worth of approximately $45 million, so there was always plenty of money to go around. Both for him and his children.

He works hard for every dollar and always makes sure to take care of his own. It’s one of Coach Prime’s most endearing qualities.

As a result, the Sanders family always traveled in style and lived in luxurious homes. Wherever they went, comfort followed. Even on the road.

That was not the case during the summer of 2014.

While in between Texas high school football coaching jobs that year, Deion put on the Truth Football Camp through his nonprofit organization, Prime Time Association. It was held at Texas A&M University–Commerce, about an hour northeast of Dallas.

Participating athletes and coaches stayed in the dorm rooms on campus. Including the head man himself.

Shilo and Shedeur were among those who attended Truth Camp. They, too, had to stay in the dorms.

That did not go over well!

Shilo and Shedeur Sanders weren’t pleased!

An episode of Deion’s Family Playbook, a Sanders-based reality show that aired two seasons on the Oprah Winfrey Network, documented their trip to Truth Camp. The idea of a dorm room was foreign to both Shilo and Shedeur, who called it a “jail cell,” and immediately pointed out the fart-like smell and lack of air conditioning.

This places sucks. Who told us to come here? I was excited at first, now this sucks.

— Shedeur Sanders said of the living arrangements

Deion sat his two sons down to teach them a lesson.

Teach us how to book hotels?!

— Shilo Sanders joked

After their father explained to them that the dorm rooms are how college works, Shedeur went searching for an upgrade. His mission was unsuccessful.

Where’s the room service here? ‘Cause this place… nuh uh…

— Shedeur Sanders

Here is the full 90-second clip:

What’s funny is that Shedeur almost certainly never had to stay in a dorm room during college. Jackson State does not require freshmen to live on campus and his father was the head coach.

NIL has also been a thing throughout Shedeur’s entire college career, which has allowed him to make more than enough money to stay in a place that isn’t the dorms. The same can be said for Shilo in Boulder, but he may have had to live in the dorms while at South Carolina.

Either way, the athlete dorm rooms in Columbia are not anything like the dorms at Texas A&M Commerce. Shedeur and Shilo never had to experience the living quarters they loathed back in 2014!

Both of them, and their father, have Boulder buzzing. Outside of a potential stay during NFL training camp, they may never have to sleep in another dorm room ever again.