Celebrate The ‘DEWnited States’ By Collecting All Of MTN DEW’s Custom Bottles (…Also: Epic Prizes!)

Presented by Mountain Dew… 

Mountain DEW is embracing the spirit of celebrating America for Independence Day. And, because of that, the brand created ‘DEWnited’, which is all about embracing and showcasing the individual uniqueness from every state in the good ol’ USA — which could help make you $100 richer.

Here’s the skinny: Taking inspiration from DEW drinkers from around the country, MTN DEW’s designing an ultra-collectible bottle series that celebrates the spirit of DEW Nation, with the brand creating 50 different labels for 50 different states that celebrate unique traits about each. While that’s dope enough, MTN DEW’s also giving people the chance to show off their love from the place they live, for a chance to win $100 by collecting each and every bottle.

Here’s how it works:

1. Grab Specially-Marked DEWnited States Products

  • Codes will be under-the-cap for the MTN DEW product

2. Visit DEWnited.com

3. Enter the Code and Scan the Label

4. Get $100

  • Enter codes from all 50 states from the bottles and receive a pre-paid $100 gift card

So, yeah — You can snag a $100 gift card for being DEWnited this summer; which sounds like a pretty awesome deal to us.

For those looking to up their MTN Dew game this summer, you might want to check out MTN Dew Liberty Brew, a new flavor from the company that’s all about celebrating the DEWnited States. No, seriously, it’s a blend of their own imagination, packing 50 flavors into one delicious DEW for a refreshingly bold taste like no other.

Whether you’re from the east coast or west coast, the north or the south, MTN Dew’s celebrating every state in the USA, so be proud of where you’re from and drink up to show love for the DEWnited States.

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