No 4th Date For Couple That Went Viral At Diamondbacks Game Because Love Is Dead

couple goes viral at Diamondbacks game calls it quits

iStockphoto / stevezmina1

The Internet fell in love with a couple on their second date at an Arizona Diamondbacks game earlier in the week. Now, that fairytale romance has come to an end based on a recent tweet (below) from the guy on the date.

But first, the backstory…

The obsession began when the roommate of the guy on the date flipped open Twitter and asked the Diamondbacks if they could let him know how the second date’s going and he gave the Dbacks the approximate location of the roommate. It all felt like staged/fake content to me but it appears there was some legitimacy to it all.

That was the second date. Then there was a third date at an Arizona Coyotes hockey game. Here’s the Internet’s favorite couple on their third date.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a third date based on the latest tweet from this ongoing saga.

He says they’re calling it quits. I’ve seen some tweets suggesting he got dumped but based on the words in this tweet my hunch is one of the two people got back with their ex.

Twitter I’m Sorry – There is No 4th Date.

Sometimes you can meet the right person at the wrong time. At the end of the day, I just want her to be happy.

To all the Arizona sports teams, you rock and have a fan for life. I’ll never forget the incredibly kind gestures.

Love is dead. If some random couple who went on three dates can’t make it in this world how can there be any hope for the rest of us?

The responses to the tweet suggest there are a lot of people who were emotionally invested in this couple. The guy, @MboneHD on Twitter, went from losing a few followers every single day to picking up a 1,000 overnight according to SocialBlade’s analytics.

I just can’t kick the gut feeling that this was all staged because the people involved are “content creators” and YouTuber’s. This stinks of the lame ‘DudeWithSign’ viral marketing from DoingStuff/Sh*theadsteve or something like that. Or perhaps I’ve just spent too much time on the Internet and am am growing too pessimistic.