Dillon Danis Claims Nina Agdal Slept With Elon Musk, Says Twitter Is Trying To Silence Him

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Dillon Danis’ weeks-long harassment of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Nina Agdal continued on Wednesday, as the 30-year-old subpar MMA athlete claimed that Elon Musk is a former partner of Agdal and is shadowbanning him on Twitter as a result.

Danis has been abusing the 31-year-old Agdal over the internet in an attempt to mess with her fiance, Logan Paul, whom Danis is scheduled to box against in October.

In recent weeks, Danis’ Twitter feed has been an endless stream of shots at Agdal, whether it be sharing photos of her with past boyfriends, posting memes, or claiming to have pictures that would end her engagement to Paul.

On Wednesday morning, however, Danis — who has over 750,000 followers on the platform — claimed that Musk was suppressing his tweets.

It should be noted that similar to his threats of sharing private photos of Agdal, Danis has been using this “shadowban” as a way to beg people to follow him on Instagram.

Danis’ attempts to bring attention to his October bout with Paul are certainly working, as he was previously best known for being a member of Conor McGregor’s entourage and backing out of a fight against YouTuber KSI.

Prior to beginning a career in MMA — Danis has just two official career fights, both in Bellator and not the UFC — Danis was a frequent competitor in Jiu-Jitsu competitions. Paul, on the other hand, was previously a YouTube star before becoming a professional wrestler with the WWE.

At this time, Paul and Danis are scheduled to fight in a pay-per-view event at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, on Saturday, October 14.

Surprisingly, Musk — who usually loves to stick his head into things, especially when it will result in him getting attention — has yet to respond to Danis’ claims that the app is shadowbanning him.