DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Went Down On NFL Sunday And Fans Were Angry

NFL fans will rejoice when DirecTV loses its Sunday Ticket package.

During the first week of the season, the DirecTV app crashed while games were ongoing.

Via Tech Crunch

Reports of the Sunday Ticket website and app crashing were rampant yesterday as customers were either locked out of the service, unable to sign in, experienced laggy feeds or received error messages that claimed they couldn’t stream because they were inside an NFL stadium when they weren’t.

DirecTV told TechCrunch, “We recognize we missed an opportunity to deliver for a small number of our NFL Sunday Ticket customers this past Sunday and will be reaching out to them to make this right as soon as possible.”

Fast forward to the second week of the season and fans are again having issues with their Sunday Ticket package.

On Sunday, DirecTV was trending on social media because fans were angry with the company because their NFL service was down.

“How is Sunday Ticket this trash?? DirectTV a billion dollar business and puts out a trash product”

“Everyone whose Sunday Ticket stream broke today should file a chargeback with their credit card. DirectTv gets charged $15 every time a dispute is filed and more if they get more than 2% of chargebacks.”