Discussion about middle-eastern politics devolves into WWE brawl on live TV

When discussing middle-eastern politics, it’s important that we remember to respect other people’s opinions. These two did not. These two basically got into a table match, WWE style on live TV. It was glorious.

Allow me to translate what Shaker al-Johari and Mohammad al-Jayousi said since I’m technically fluent in Arabic.

Mohammad: Do you think your mustache is as good as mine?
Shaker: Your wife thinks it’s a great thigh tickler.
Host: Please guys.
Mohammad: What did you say?

HOST: NO, NO, NO, NO my brothers.

Stone Cold music plays, glass shatters

Mohammad: You are a bad guy.
Shaker: Truthfully man, she wasn’t even that good.

Shaker puts hand to crotch, moves it back and forth in a jacking off motion.

I know, crappy translation right?