TikTok Video Shows People What The Bottom Drawer Of An Oven Is Actually For

bottom drawer oven


A man took to his TikTok to post a video that has since gone viral about how to properly use the bottom drawer to your oven.

Aaron Patterson asked how old his viewers were when they found out that the drawer underneath the oven isn’t made to store things.

The bottom drawer he explains is in fact to keep your food warm when your oven is on. This was not only news to myself but to most of the 44,000 people that have liked the video as well. Even the creator of the video himself was surprised when he learned this hack, which shouldn’t necessarily be considered a “hack.”

I love TikTok for this exact reason, I would have gone probably my whole life without knowing something so basic and simple as this. After watching this video I immediately took all the old pots and pans that I used for that drawer and found a new home for them. Although the news is groundbreaking for somebody like myself, I am still hesitant to trust my food going in that bottom drawer, it just seems too good to be true. And usually things seem too good to be true because they are. Have I really gone 27 years of life without realizing the full capabilities of the oven?

But how many videos like these are out there? Maybe I have too much time on my hands but these types of videos make me go back into my kitchen and question everything I thought I knew about kitchen appliances and more. I know TikTok was originally built for music and dancing, but this is the type of shit that keeps me coming back for more.