Dua Lipa Celebrates New #1 Hit Song With Barbie Inspired Bikini While Laying On Grass

Dua Lipa

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Image

Dua Lipa is having a blast in her own pop princess paradise.

Her latest hit, Dance The Night reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. The song is a part of the new Barbie movie official soundtrack.

Dua Lipa decided to celebrate her chart-topping success in a way that’s as vibrant as her music – she rocked a Barbie-inspired bikini while chilling on the grass.

Now, who says you can’t be glamorous and down-to-earth at the same time? The bikini, a harmonious blend of blue and pink, had everyone wondering if Mattel was planning a new line of Dua Lipa dolls.

In the photos, she’s striking poses that would make even Barbie herself jealous, holding a Barbie doll like it’s the key to the pop kingdom.

Her caption spilled the beans: “Dance The Night is Number 1 in the UK!!!! 💖💖 birthday week going strong Barbie! So much love to everyone listening and streaming.”


Looks like 28 is the new fabulous, and she’s embracing it like a true pop royalty.

Speaking of royalty, Dua Lipa’s summer vacation seems like a fairy tale.

She’s been living it up on an oceanside holiday, and if her vacation photos were a mood, they’d be the happiest playlist ever. She even showed off some shirtless pictures from her birthday bash.

Oh, and she’s been quite the traveler too. Albania and the Peloponnese? Someone give this girl a travel show – “Dua’s Diaries” has a nice ring to it.

And let’s not forget the see-through outfit pictures she shared during her vacation. She’s not just dancing through the night; she’s taking the fashion world by storm too.