Netflix Releases New ‘El Camino’ Hype Video That Tracks Jesse’s Journey Thus Far

el camino


“Just tell us everything you remember. Any business dealings, any personal dealings, any criminal activities you were a witness or a party to, anything and everything. Just tell us your story.”

If you follow my writing here at BroBible, you’ll know that there’s quite possibly no one on the internet as hyped for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie as I am. Literally, just yesterday, I claimed: “Fuck Joker, fuck The Irishman El Camino is the most exciting movie of the fall.”

And now, almost as if Netflix can hear me (which, considering that Amazon and Apple are always listening to us anyway, wouldn’t be such a shocker), they release a three-minute-long hype video for El Camino that takes us on a ride through Jesse Pinkman’s tortured life thus far.

Ever since El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was announced, I’ve been pushing through my fourth rewatch of Breaking Bad, and folks, let me tell you: it still slaps as hard as it ever has.

Even when you know what’s coming, you still find yourself on the edge of your seat, glued to the television screen, rapidly clicking “next episode” as you cannot wait to see what happens next.

And now, six years after Breaking Bad went off the air, Netflix is giving us the chance to click “next episode” on the entire series, as El Camino will not only wrap up Jesse Pinkman’s storyline but will also give us further closure on the likes of the White family, Marie Schrader, and, of course, Saul Goodman.

‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ will hit Netflix on Friday, October 11.


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