The Most Confusing English Words Are Ones That We’ve Definitely All Looked Up To Find The Meanings Of Before

english words that are most confusing


Even as someone who writes for a living, I’ll be honest, there are a lot of English words that I still need to actually Google to make sure I’m either a) spelling them right or b) using them right. Sure, go ahead and laugh at me all you want to, but there are literally millions of f*cking English words out there, and it’s hard to keep track of them all.

While there are certain English words that are easy to remember, some have proven to be much more difficult to understand or spell. And because of that, Merriam-Webster Dictionary listed the words that most people are looking up online to find their definitions or meanings. Surprisingly, most of the words on the list aren’t all that difficult, but, apparently, they do require some research to fully understand them. Here’s a look at the 10 English words that Merriam-Webster found to be the most confusing.

  1. Pretentious
  2. Ubiquitous
  3. Cynical
  4. Apathetic
  5. Conundrum
  6. Albeit
  7. Ambiguous
  8. Integrity
  9. Affect/Effect
  10. Love

While some of those might be difficult or tricky English words to spell, the fact that they’re the 10 most confusing to understand is actually kind of insane. More so, why in the hell is “love” on this list? It’s seriously like people are Googling “What is love?” which, obviously, immediately takes my mind to that terrible ’90s song by Haddaway that used to be played on Saturday Night Live.

Now that I’ve got that song stuck in your head, I’m sure it’s the only thing you’ll even remember from this article. You’re welcome.

(H/T Business Insider)

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