Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Learns The Hard Way That Setting A Car On Fire Is Dangerous As Hell

ex-girlfriend car explosion fire

Twitter / @damn_elle

Everyone has a crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

I’m not talking about the person you broke up with because you didn’t see eye-to-eye on the important things in life so you dubbed them “crazy” for having different opinions. I’m referring to the exes who needed to be blocked on social and avoided at all costs because they’re next-level insane.

This woman fits into that category. Now, I’m not sure exactly what her ex-boyfriend did to deserve getting his car torched, but just the fact that the idea “I should blow up his car” came to mind means she’s probably a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal.

Not to mention she’s going to try and blow the car up:

  1. In broad daylight with witnesses
  2. Around other cars that could also blow up
  3. Using a can of gasoline and a lighter like this is a movie

Watch and marvel at how many things go wrong with this terrible plan.

Also, sound on.

How many times did you watch that explosion knock her back into the other car? I think I watched it about ten times before even writing this story.

Naturally, Twitter had jokes about the amateur arsonist.

I’ll bet when the cops went to question her about the suspicious fire, the guilt was burned onto her face.