The Annual Extreme Boat Docking Competition Is One Of The Coolest Events You’ve Never Heard Of

Maryland crab boat docked in a marina

iStockphoto / Coast-to-Coast

The annual Brew River Extreme Boat Docking Competition was held over the weekend with captains going full throttle in the marina to show off their incredible docking skills. The object of the event is simple: make it from Point A to Point B in the marina as quickly as possible and dock the boat by tossing dock lines around the pylons.

Clips from the annual Extreme Boat Docking Competition put on by the Brew River Restaurant and Bar in Salisbury, Maryland make waves each year on social media. This is the very definition of a sport that should be featured on ESPN’s The Ocho because let’s face it, extreme dockin’ ain’t easy.

Brew River, attendees, and competitors shared several clips on Instagram from their 2023 Extreme Boat Docking event held over the weekend:

Like a glove:

So this clip (and the next one) are from a similar competition. The annual Watermen’s Rodeo held in the same location.

The Outlaw with flawless form:


The watermen’s rodeo is a #boatdocking contest held during Watermen’s Appreciation Day, a #festival going on today until 5pm.

♬ original sound – CBMM

It is a hairpin left turn than a necessary past-and-slam-into-reverse to get right into the slot.

When guys hit the deck going for the bowlines you know they’re putting their all into it.

This dude was in the zone.

There was a 9yo in this year’s competition!

It wasn’t entirely clear, based on the social media posts from Brew River, who this year’s winner was. As far as we’re concerned, everyone is a winner during this event. The captains get to rip it around the marinas like they’d never be able to on a normal day. And it makes for some incredible spectating from the seawalls.