Facebook’s Patent Application For An AR Baseball Cap Is The Future Of Getting Your Ass Kicked

Facebook Patent Application For Augmented Reality Baseball Cap


  • A patent application filed by Facebook for a augmented reality baseball cap has been uncovered.
  • Face tracking sensors, microphones, and environment sensors can all be embedded within the baseball cap.
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Do you enjoy baseball, but also really love being ridiculed by everyone around you? Facebook is looking to create the perfect product for you! A not at all awkward-looking augmented reality baseball cap!

Unearthed this week by Gizmodo and originally spotted by Founders Legal, Facebook’s augmented reality baseball cap takes those virtual reality headsets people have been wearing and somehow makes people look even more silly.

According to the patent application dissected by Founders Legal, “This week Facebook was issued a patent that takes a new approach to artificial reality displays by integrating it into a hat. The hat form factor will be much larger than the conventional glasses or goggles approach. Facebook believes that the extra space will allow them to deliver a better and more complex system in the end product.”

Do they recommend only using it in the privacy of your own home? When absolutely no one is around that can see you wearing it? Because they should.

There’s even a fedora version of this thing because, of course there is.


Oh, they also want to incorporate this “technology” into cowboy hats and visors too!

The display will be incorporated into the brim of the hat to minimize contact with the user.

Additionally, heat-generating components required to run the artificial reality display can be given similar treatment and be incorporated into areas of the hat that do not have direct contact with the user, such as the brim. Not only does this improve the overall comfort of the system wherein more conventional applications there is no other place to put these components except in contact with the user.

The positioning of the brim also enables more sensors to be incorporated than would be available in the frame of glasses.

Reactions to Facebook’s idea for a augmented reality baseball cap and fedora were pretty much what one would expect for a augmented reality baseball cap and fedora.


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